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Fundaniños At a Glance


Fundaniños is a nondenominational, Christian-based Foundation, operating as a children´s home. Fundaniños was legally established as a non-profit organization by the Guatemalan government’s agreement #143 on December 14th, 1993. We are also a registered 501(c)(3) organization in the United States, and all donations are tax deductible. 


Our vision and goal is to raise up children who are: Christian, Happy, and Independent.


To accomplish our vision we have implemented the following programs: Medical and Dental Care, Psychological Therapy, Social & Family Assistance, Independence Program, Spiritual Program.


Board of Directors

Guatemalan men and women who voluntarily watch over the fulfillment of the vision and the stewardship of our resources.

Directive Staff

A team of both men and women, Guatemalans and Americans, who work together to execute our vision.


We serve around 60 children, both boys and girls, ages 4-21.

Independence Program 2023

Phase I

- 13 to 14 years old

- Focuses on planting in the children a vision for their future, developing key habits and skills for personal development such as reading, essay writing, community service, and work ethic through vocational workshops.

Phase II

- 15 to 17 years old

- Adolescents in this phase continue practicing habits and skills from Phase I. This phase focuses on deeper skills such as research, developing an understanding of work-life, and entrepreneurship.

Phase III

- 18 to 21 years old

-  In this phase, adolescents practice being adults. Participants receive an academic scholarship, an allowance to pay for their own basic needs, and independent life is put into practice in terms of chores, meals, and money management.

Budget Distribution 2023

Home Operations                  60%

General Administration        21%

School                                      13%

Independece Program            6%

Total                                    100%

Care of Children                     79%

General Administration         21%

Total                                    100%

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