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Fundaniños in a glimpse


Established under Christian principles, it operates as a Temporary Care Home. It is legally constituted as a non-profit organization,  by government agreement number 143 of the Government of Guatemala on December 14, 1993. It is also a registered 501c3 organization in the United States. All donations in Guatemala and the United States are tax deductible. 


Our vision and goal is to form Christian, happy and independent children.


To achieve our vision we have the following programs: Medical and Dental Care, Psychological Therapy, Family Social Assistance, Independence Program, Spiritual Program.


Board of directors

Guatemalan men and women who voluntarily watch over the fulfillment of our vision and the administration of our resources.

Management Staff

A team of Guatemalan men and women working together to execute our vision.


We have in our care, around 60 boys, girls and teens. 


Phase I

-13 to 14 y/o

-They work on future vision, literacy skills, community service and vocational workshops. This so they can start working on their path to follow.

Phase II

-15 to 17 y/o. 

-We focus more on vocational workshops and to start developing the necessary skills for the career path they have in mind. 

Phase III

-18 to 21 y/o

-We help them get a job so they can incorporate to the society as working men and women of good. 


Home operations         60%

General management         21%

School                                     13%

Independence program       6%

Total                                      100%

Cuidado de los Niños             79%

Administración General         21%

Total                                       100%

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