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Sponsor a Child at Fundaniños Today!

By becoming a sponsor, you can make a difference in the lives of the children pictured below for only $100/month (~$3.33/day).  At Fundaniños, we rely on sponsorships to provide the following to our children-

  • Three nutritious meals a day and clean drinking water. 

  • Medical and dental care.

  • A Christian home life in one of our four onsite houses.

  • Training for an independent life outside of Fundaniños.

  • An education preparing them for the future.



***Terms of Service:  Children will have multiple sponsors in order to cover the total cost of their care.  Since the children at Fundaniños have varying numbers of sponsors, your donation will go towards the direct care of all of the children within Fundaniños.  This sponsorship allows you to have a unique relationship with the child you sponsor while providing equal care to all of the children at Fundaniños.

What You Receive as a Sponsor

As a sponsor, you will receive the following from Fundaniños:

  • An updated photo of the child you sponsor twice a year.

  • A letter from the child you sponsor twice a year.

  • A year end receipt of your tax-deductible donations.


We encourage sponsors to maintain healthy relationships with the children they sponsor by writing letters which the directive staff will deliver to the children.  Sponsors who come to Fundaniños on mission trips will have opportunities to meet the children they sponsor monthly.  If the child you sponsor leaves Fundaniños for any reason, you will be notified and offered to select another child in need of a sponsor.

How to Become a Sponsor

    • Click on the child you would like to sponsor below.

    • Choose the option to "Sponsor a kid" in the donate form.

    • Complete the information requested in the donate form for monthly donations.

    • Be sure to type the name of the child you would like to sponsor in the field labeled "Orphan Care Sponsorship."

    • Submit your sponsorship form, and we will be in touch with you shortly.​

    • It's that easy to make a huge difference!


For more information, or if you would like to sponsor a sibling group of up to five siblings, contact us at!

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